general sales agent

The Aviation Company is proud to offer aircraft operators around the world with our General Sales Agent services developed for aircraft owners and operators. We are specialised in handling the reservations for our client operators. We offer our services for fleet sales, reservations, and aircraft marketing.


We offer full representation services in the Worldwide market. The General Sales Agent team is responsible for handling sales, marketing, quotations and customer management of specific aircraft for owners and operators, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best: operating the aircraft. 


We offer the following in our GSA services:

  • Developing Sales & Marketing programmes for your aircraft. We work closely with the aircraft operator to develop and execute marketing plans;
  • Providing a direct point of contact for local brokers, tour operators and airlines to market your aircraft;
  • Handling the quotation process and liasing with the operations departments on charter confirmations, flight planning, flight monitoring and customer care;
  • Providing concierge services for all flights such as catering, hotel and transportation services.

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