In the entertainment industry, there are no second chances. With a repeat client rate of over 90%, The Aviation Company has the experience required for providing customized aviation solutions to the big players in the entertainment industry. From strategically planning a 180-day worldwide tour, to dispatching aircraft for one-time events, our expertise delivers customized aviation solutions for every client. Regardless of the scope or size of the project, The Aviation Company will create a comprehensive program that responds to specific needs and bespoke requirements.



Private aviation offers you complete control of your schedule, whether it’s transporting crew and equipment, or discreetly moving a celebrity name. There are no public terminals, baggage queues, or arriving two hours before a flight. Private airports and terminals provide privacy and discretion, as well as connecting remote destinations, and reducing the length of any ground transfers. Forget about restrictive baggage allowances or having to leave the pets at home. Every aspect of a flight is carefully tailored, down to specialized catering and vehicle ramps that ensure access from aircraft to venue.

Change is an inherent part of the entertainment industry. Our consultative approach offers the flexibility to change your schedule at a moment’s notice. As a player in the global aviation marketplace, we have intimate knowledge of what aircraft are available where. So when your schedule changes, there’s always an on-time and on-demand travel solution.




The Aviation Company is proud to count various major music labels on our roll of clients. One of these had a major talent who had been offered a last-minute opportunity to promote her upcoming album on a late-night television show. Unfortunately, she also had to be in remote Mexico the next morning for a video shoot. Rescheduling a big shoot wasn’t financially viable and the closest commercial airport was some five hours drive from the filming location. It seemed like the television exposure would be a lost opportunity. PJS worked with Mexican customs and aviation authorities to extend the curfew of a local airport. With merely two hours’ notice, the Flight Concierge sourced an aircraft and crew, along with a police escort, that brought the talent directly from her television appearance to a private FBO. She was in the air within an hour of the show’s completion and had a bed for getting some rest. Touching down in Mexico, PJS sourced a twin-engine helicopter to bring the star to her music shoot by 8am and meet the deadline.


The Aviation Company provides your with a dedicated Flight Manager who plans every aspect of every flight to the most demanding of details. This cascades down from the comprehensive strategic plan to the minute specifics. Ground transfers are coordinated to provide door-to-door chauffeured services. Catering is fully customized. Customs and immigration are fast-tracked and any necessary client branding is carefully adhered to. Your requirements are communicated with cabin crew and ground staff ahead of departure, ensuring a smooth in-flight experience based on personalized requirements. The Flight Manager also trouble shoots and communicates contingency options if unforeseen interruptions arise.Using a unique consultative approach, The Aviation Company works directly with your travel department to strategically plan tours and productions that move across countries and continents. From 180-day rock tours, to festivals in multiple venues, this strategic response ensures time-efficient and price-consistent aviation. It’s based on a decade of experience and bulk purchasing power that provides access to thousands of pre-vetted aircraft and airports around the world. For every single flight there’s always two contingency options, meaning there’s always a backup plan when unforeseen circumstances are encountered. In an industry without second chances, we make sure that all your crew and equipment arrive safely and on time.